Mess- und Analysetechnik für die Getränkeindustrie
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Welcome to the webshop of Kübler-Alfermi GmbH

Our company supplies self-made high precision hydrometers, refractometers as well as measuring systems to determine the alcohol in alcoholic beverages and tests for the wine analysis.

In this regard it has always the aim of our company - in dialogue with the customer - to deliver top quality at payable (favourable) prices and at the same time securing advise before and after sale. The result of which is: We have become a reliable partner for our customers and dealers in our region as well as on an international level.

Our webshop offers a broad sortiment as well as service. Register yourself in order to receive further information. Customers are being supplied with all important information via our newsletter regarding new articles and special offers.

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New Products

Vinoqant 11 plus Vinoqant 11 plus
The alcoholic fermentation is the most important process in the wine production. That is why it should be closely monitored using daily updated fermentation curves to identify deviations such as sluggish fermentation and sulphide off-flavours and correct them from the start.Vinoquant 11 plus is a revolutionary concept for fermentation curve creation using a refractometer with a Bluetooth interface for wireless transmission of the measurements to a tablet or notebook. To that end, the latest fermentation curves are shown at lightning speed - directly at the fermentation tank - exactly as the winemaker would have it. A few drops of must on the prism will take only a few seconds. This allows us to measure and create incredibly fast and incredibly accurate fermentation curves - in less than 10 seconds - generating alcohol levels, the weight of the must and fermentation temperature curves and showing the residual sugar figures - from 35 to 0 g/l.

Accuracy at the end of a continuous fermentation: 2 g/l residual sugar (according to DLR-RLP, Neustadt) - therefore much more accurate than what, for instance, a hydrometer (= density meter) can measure (deviations from the correct measurement result up to approx. 15 g/l, without really knowing how faulty the measurement result is within the tank).

For 1-25 tanks.

from 1.487,50 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.

Digital-Refractometer PAL-OWE 2, wine Digital-Refractometer PAL-OWE 2, wine
Measuring range: 0-53 % Brix / 30-240 °Oechsle
Division: 0,1 % Brix / 1,0 °Oechsle
Accuracy: +/- 0,2 % Brix / 1,0 °Oechsle
Automatic Temperature Compensation
384,37 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.

Vinoquant 3 Vinoquant 3
For the easy and accurate determination of the alcoholic strength (ethanol) in wine, must, liqueur and sparkling wine as well as the determination of the extract in winebased on distillation
Function (Principle):
The volumetric flask (100 ml) is filled with 100 ml of wine, liqueur etc. (thick-flowing liqueurs and mashes have to be diluted). This sample is poured into the distillation flask, which is put on a heating plate, a kitchen stove or similar. The empty volumetric flask (100 ml) is placed below the condenser discharge. Now the power is turned on and the water tap is opened. After approx. another 12 minutes, ca. ¾ of the volumetric flask will be filled and the heating is turned off. The remaining extract does not contain any alcohol anymore. The distillate is now filled up with water until 100 ml and then decanted into the special measuring cylinder. The alcohol content of the liquid in the cylinder is then determined by means of a Euro Class III alcoholometer (according to DIN 12803 = graduation in steps of 5, Ø 23 mm). To obtain accurate measuring results, the user must make sure that the original sample liquid, the distillate obtained from that sample and the distilled water (needed to fill up of the distillate) have all more or less the same temperature (not necessarily 20 °C). If time is not important to the user, it is sufficient to store the mentioned liquids at room temperature. However, if the liquids are not at 20 °C, the measuring result has to be corrected with our temperature-correction nomogram or an official alcohol table or similar.

Scope of delivery:
Distillation apparatus with ground joint including distillation flask (glass)
User manual
Hose ( 2 m feed hose , 2 m discharge hose, 0.2 m distillate delivery hose with ¾" connection)
Stand glass cylinder with base and ring (plastic)
Measuring flask ,100ml (glass) with stopper
Sample bottle, 250ml (plastic)
Tube of joint grease (made on the basis of silicone)
Antifoaming agent (bottle)
Boiling stones (glass)
Wash bottle, 250 ml (plastic) for distilled water
Lead ring
Pipette, 3 ml (plastic)
List of results
Sample spoon (plastic)
321,30 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.

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